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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our team, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.
bulletHow do I make a booking?
bulletWhat are packages?
bulletWhy does it cost so much?
bulletWhy are we so cheap?
bulletwhat happens if I change my mind?
bulletWhat equipment do you use?



How do I make a booking ?

Complete the questionnaire and pay the required deposit. We will only accept a booking if we have the date available and the booking will only be final once the deposit has been paid. Usually, by this stage we would have had a meeting or discussed your wedding photography needs electronically or by phone.

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What are packages ?

A package can be described as the products (services) offered for a set price. Often the person wanting photographs is not sure what they want and the packages are then a good start to see what is available for a set price. Our packages are therefore negotiable and you can decide what you would like and what would suite you.

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Why does it cost so much?

There is a large variation in prices charged by photographers for taking wedding photographs. What you are really paying for is the expertise, reputation and time of the photographer. Obviously there are also the material costs, such as the printing, travel and equipment costs, but these usually make up a smaller part of the price. The photographers time is not limited to the time spent at your wedding. There will also be the preparatory time and also the editing of the pictures after the wedding.

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Why are our prices so exceptional?

We are currently building the business and because we are not currently solely reliant on wedding photography for our income we can still charge fees that offer extreme value for money. Gurling has been photographing weddings since 1991, mainly working for other Photographic Studios or as a stand -in photographer for other wedding photographers. However, the high cost of professional photographic equipment, eventually forces all serious photographers to raise their fees to the industry norm to remain in business.

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What happens if I change my mind?

If you have made a booking, paid a deposit and then decide not to make use of our services, what happens? If you have confirmed your booking with us we reserve the date for you. If you then decide not to make use of our services we will not refund the deposit. However, if we are able to fill your booking with another assignment we will consider refunding all or part of the deposit. We are not insensitive to peoples needs and will consider the circumstances of the cancellation on their merits.

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What equipment do you use?

We have standardized on Nikon digital SLR  cameras and use Nikor lenses. Nikon is one of the more expensive systems, being reliable and producing high quality images. We always have at least two cameras at a wedding or an event. (Please note that most of the well known camera brands also produce excellent images. We happen to prefer Nikon)

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